B8 Version 640w Grow Lights

Grow Light Full Spectrum UV+IR LED’s 640W Light for Green Tent or Indoor Farmining

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Feature FEATURES AND BENEFITS * Optimized spectrum for all phases of plant growth and production.Choose the spectrum as required. * Scientifically engineered spectrum to maximize photosynthesis, growth, and yield * >40% less energy consumed and heat generated to produce an equivalent amount of delivered PAR than 800W-1000W HPS * Superior lighting uniformity across the plant canopy * Passive cooling design eliminates inferior features such as fans, moving parts, and noise * Sustainable and environmentally friendly mercury-free lighting source compared to traditional technologies (HID and fluorescent) requiring hazardous waste disposal * Adjustable LED panels allowing for more focused or more diffuse lighting distribution over the plant canopy * Applications: Indoor crop production, greenhouses, growth chambers, retro-fit existing HID or new construction controlled environment grow facilities. Application Grow Tent, Industry hemp growth Green house, Marijuana cannabis lighting Horticulture lighting, Indoor planting growth Hydroponic cultivation, Farming research Seeding: 20 hours/4 hours or 18 hours/6 hours Vegetable: 20 hours/4hours or 18 hours/6 hours Flowering: 12 hours/ 12 hours Basic Specification
Power 640W Input AC100-277VAC
Frequency 50/60HZ Efficiency 120lm/w
Beam Angle 0-320 degrees Full Spectrum 300-800nm
IP IP65 Life time 50000 hours
About wave 280-315nm: UVB ultraviolet light which is harmful for the plants and cause the colors to fade 315-380nm: Range of UVA altraviolet light which not harmful for the plants growth 380-400nm: Visible light spectrum which helps the plants on processing chlorophyll absorption 400-520nm: Including violet, blue, green bands, peak absorption by chlorophyll, big influence on photosynthesis-Vegetative growth 520-610nm: This includes green, yellow, and orange bands, they are absorbed by plants 610-720nm: Rede band, large amount of absorption by chlorophyll occurs, strong influence on photosynthesis, Flowering & Budding 720-1000nm: Small amount of the spectrum could be absorbed for plants need to enhance cell growth Picture sagag (2) sagag (1) Attention: Not used in a totally enclosed environment Ensure power off when install Not put the product used in the water Working temperature -20 to 50 degrees, to hot will make product be risky of failure Equipped with a special installation buckle, which can be installed on the ceiling or hoisted Do not change any internal circuits or add any wires, connectors or cables for any reason Recommendation for adjusting the height between led grow light and the plants growing stage Seeding: Height 150-160cm Vegetable: Height 120-140cm Flowering: Height 50-70cm

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