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Mini Foldable Travel Sterilization Lamp Bacteria Killer UV Sterilizer Light for Daily Use

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Feature 10 mins: Be located in commonly, balcony, the proposal that the area is left and right of 5 square meter disinfects 15 minutes 30 mins: Bedroom, study, area10-20 square meters, suggest disinfection 30 mins 60 mins: The sitting room of large area, the area is 20-40 square meter, the proposal disinfects 60 mins Our advantage 1. We are a manufacturer specialized in tattoo goods and there are over 110 workers in our company; 2. There are professional designers and can make OEM/ODM goods; 3. Our company closes to airport and sea port, shipping goods quickly. 4. Strictly quality control for different kinds of goods; 5. There are big capacity and delivery time is short.  Our service 1)Your inquiry about our products will be replied in 24 hours  2)After-sales service stay a super position 3)OEM&ODM, any your customized lightings we can help you to design and put into product 4)Distributorship are offers for your unique design and some our current models 5)Protection of your sales area, ideas of design and all your private information Basic Specification
Ultraviolet wave 253.7mn Parts Sterilizer, USB cable and manual
Material ABS Lamp Life 20000 hours
House Color White Sterilizer UV
Size 125x25x24mm Usage Can be used under recharge or battery
Picture wdfd (2) wdfd (1) Usage A: Dry your toothbrush after use and put it into the holder. B: To use the toothpaste pushing device, you need to take it out first, then put toothpaste into it, and make sure the toothpaste head(the thread part)is totally in the device (It's recommended to use new toothpaste at the first time for easy push.) C For used toothpaste, please squeeze the inside air to the end of the toothpaste before putting it into the pushing device. D: For the first-time use, push the pushing slot for a couple of times to remove he inside air, since the toothpaste volume you get is relevant to the pushing depth UVC Light Sanitizer UVC Portable Disinfection Light UVC Germicidal Light UV light can be used for a variety of disinfection, self-saniter use. It has long bean available for Biological Safety Cabinet disinfection. It can also be used for surface and air disinfection in rooms and other chambers. UV light provides a chemical free method of disinfecting soundproofing materials that are traditionally chemically incompatible. Smaller UV-C systems are available for tool and small item disinfection within a self-enclosed chamber. Systems for HEPA filter disinfection are available as are in-line duct systems. Safety As UV-C provides radiation, it's not safe to be in the room while UV-C des-infection is taking place. cautions and suggestive notes 1.When the ultraviolet germicidal lamp is working, it is forbidden to have someone present. If there is someone present, corresponding protective measures shall be taken to avoid direct ultraviolet radiation on people's eyes and skin.  2.After sterilization, open the doors and windows for ventilation for 30 minutes to dispel peculiar smell gas produced by killed bacteria and germs. 

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